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The Remarkable Story of 

an Incredible Border Collie

Welcome to the home page for Moussie, an unbelievable companion and friend.

Moussie had a painful start in life. However, this could not dampen his amazing resilience for life. Unbelievably sad events left him with just 21/2 legs; one front leg had to be amputated and the other front leg was broken just above the wrist joint.  

When Binci found him, she knew they would be together forever. She nursed his broken leg for a very long time; with love and trust they became inseparable. The break was so close to the natural joint it could not be reset and the wound exposed his bone. But with love and time, nature allowed him to grow a new replacement pad behind the original one.

Moussie had finally found his soul mate. He would do anything for Binci, and only listened to her! Making absolutely sure she was marrying the right man, he walked her down the aisle and patiently sat by her side during the ceremony, then escorted his new "pets" back down the aisle and sat by their feet during the greeting line. Moussie and Binci spent 12 glorious years together.

Click on "The Letter to Moussie" (above) to read Binci's letter to Moussie the day following his passing. A truly remarkable dog you will never meet the likes of again!          

Moussie ~ 1992 - 2007

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© 1999 - 2016 Moussie Tales, Inc.

© 1999 - 2016 Moussie Tales, Inc.